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Thank you for taking your time to visit this place.
Here’s a very brief introduction, seeing as it is an ”About” section: I originally come from Poland, but I currently live in UK, in the county of Suffolk. I have a lovely daughter – Ania (4), she’s my biggest bundle of joy, and we spend lots of time together. She’s bilingual and understands and speaks both English and Polish. This blog is just as much about me as it is about her. A sort of diary, if you like. If you wish so, you can get to know us better by reading this blog (currently – and possibly for a long while – mostly written in Polish, with some rare exceptions).
D. x

Nie wyrażam zgody na kopiowanie, rozpowszechnianie lub edycję zdjęć mojego autorstwa bez mojej wiedzy.

I do not give consent to copy, spread or edit any of the photos of which I am the author without my knowledge.



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