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When better becomes the best

Dearest C & J,
We’ve known each other for around five years now, which may seem like not that much, but I know that for all of us it’s a lifetime of friendship as we have been together through the biggest changes in our lives and we’ve always had lots of fun too. You stood there happy for us when we were telling you about our Big News even though you were about to enter a long and often dreadful journey throughout the coming years. You stood strong for your own sake and the sake of your family and friends, seeing how their problems were truly nothing in comparison to your pain, yet you never said a word. We stood by you, offering support and shoulder to cry on to ease your troubles, knowing that there’s nothing else we could do to help, so we just made sure you knew we were always there for you.
Now you’ve made it through the worst, and are standing your ground firmly as before, I must say – we are over the moon to hear your Big News – you’ve finally got your long-awaited dream. It’s hard to express how happy we are for you, so let us just say that you definitely deserve it big time. And, just so you know, we are definitely tagging along on this journey too!
With all our love and forever yours,
D, B & A



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